Steam 2003


In mid-December I went to Valencia, Spain and saw this little gem at Fuente San Luis depot.

34067 Tangmere was in charge of The Royal Wessex from Wareham to Waterloo on Saturday 6th December and is seen at Worting Junction.

On Saturday 29th November 5029 Nunney Castle took the Christmas Elgar Explorer to Worcester and is seen leaving Sonning Cutting in the wind and rain.

On Saturday 15th November 60009 Union of South Africa was back in the area when it headed The Merchant Venturer from Bristol to Paddington on a sunny morning. It is seen approaching Sonning cutting.

On Saturday 8th November 73096 was on The Cathedrals Express from Victoria to Bristol and 4472 Flying Scotsman was on the VSOE from Victoria to Salisbury. They are seen at Earley and Waltham respectively.

On Saturday 25th October 60009 Union of South Africa took The Cathedrals Express to Worcester where it would change over with 73096. It is seen coming out of a bright sun at Earley in the morning.

On Sunday 19th October 60009 Union of South Africa was again in action, this time with The Chandlers Ford Phoenix, and is seen passing Earley in the morning.

On Wednesday October 15th 60009 Union of South Africa hauled The Cathedrals Express to Yeovil and return. It is seen on the outward journey at Virginia Water at midday.

On Saturday 27th September 4472 Flying Scotsman hauled "The Flying Scotsman" VSOE special and is seen passing Suttons Park, Reading.

Its 18th September and 34016 BODMIN is back on The Cathedrals Express from Victoria to Bristol and is seen between Bracknell and Wokingham.

On 17th September 34067 Tangmere was scheduled to be hauled from Bristol to Old Oak Common in the EWS van train. This was later changed to a loaded test run hauled by 34067. In the event a 47 was attached to the front but was doing very little work when it passed Reading.

On 13th September The Severn Standard ran to Worcester from Alton to exchange the Standard 5 for an A4. 60009 Union of South Africa is seen "streaking" through Earley on the return in fading light.

5 weeks was to pass before I saw another steam run and again it is 73096 passing Earley with The Cathedrals Express on a damp morning, standing in for 34016 Bodmin due to "fire risk" according to some sources.

On Sunday 3rd August 73096 took The Countryman for a circular trip round Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey and is seen passing Earley at midday.

On Sunday 27th July 34045 Ottery St Mary (actually 34027 Taw Valley) was in charge of the Bournmouth Belle from Victoria to Salisbury and is seen between Winchfield and Hook..

Saturday 26th July saw the 150th anniversary of Doncaster works and 14 steam locomotives were present to celebrate the occasion. The full set of pictures will appear here later.

Thursday 24th July and 73096 is once again on Saunderton bank with The Cathedrals Express.

On Wednesday 9th July 4472 Flying Scotsman with the down VSOE and 73096 with the up Cathedrals Express from Poole were photographed between Hook and Basingstoke.

On Sunday 6th July 73096 went to Exeter with The Cathedrals Express and is seen outward at Worting Junction .

On Wednesday 25th June 73096 took The Cathedrals Express to Winchester and is seen outwards at Pirbright and returning east of Reading.

Saturday 21st June marked the return of 4472 Flying Scotsman to the main line with a VSOE excursion to Worcester. It is seen outside Reading in the morning and passing Twyford in the evening.

On Thursday 19th June we travelled on the "Scarborough Flyer" behind 60800 Green Arrow. The pictures are displayed on six pages. Click here for the first page.

On Wednesday 11th June 34067 Tangmere took the VSOE from Victoria to Salisbury and Bath and was pictured on the outward journey at Fleet and near Winchfield, and at Earley on the return.

On Sunday 25th May 73096 took "The Countryman" on a circular tour via Earley, Mortimer and Ash Junction.

Wednesday 21st May and Winchfield is the water stop for 73096 returning from Yeovil with "The Cathedrals Express".

On Thursday 8th May 73096 approaches Winchfield on the return leg of "The Cathedrals Express" between Victoria and Bristol.

Its Wednesday 30th April and 73096 is seen storming towards Saunderton summit with "The Cathedrals Express" from Victoria to Stratford-upon-Avon.

On Saturday 19th April 60009 Union of South Africa took the VSOE pullman as far as Salisbury, from where it would run light to Bristol in readiness for a South Wales tour, and is seen passing Winchfield at speed in poor light.

On Saturday 5th April another 2 trains were running and there was a possibility of them crossing on the West London line so I went to West Brompton where 73096 was on time with "The Nene Valley Rambler" but the empty stock of the "Excalibur Express" with 34067 Tangmere bringing up the rear was around 20 minutes late, although when it ran out through Clapham Junction later it was back on time.

The first week-end of spring promised fine weather and 2 trains, but on Saturday a large crowd at Earley had to be content with a distant sound as 34067 Tangmere was "un-diverted" at Reading. On Sunday 73096 was on tour with "The Countryman" and caught a few people out with its fast running, being 10 minutes early at Mortimer.

The first steam I saw in my local area was 60009 Union of South Africa with the VSOE on March 5th.

A late start to the year as I was away on holiday in Thailand.


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